FL Professional CA Orgs

This guide to professional associations that serve community associations in the state of Florida is presented using information from past issues of FLCAJ. Please verify costs and other information directly with the organization.

The Broward Coalition

The Broward Coalition of Condominiums, Homeowners Associations and Community Organizations, Inc., exists to educate, as well as, to protect and enhance the welfare and quality of life of members and community in such areas as condominium/HOA issues, health, environment, consumer affairs, education and property rights; function as non-partisan activists to represent the Coalition’s positions to all governmental bodies.

In existence for over 25 years, we represent more than 80 condominiums, HOAs, and community organizations as well as 200 individual members. Serving all of Broward County, we meet every second Friday of the month at 11:00 A.M. at Florida Medical Center. Dues are $15 a year for organizations and $10 a year for individuals.

By joining the Coalition, members become educated on issues crucial to their interests and give input on these issues. Members are able to interact with various experts who share their knowledge on various issues; we share experiences on condominium/HOA governance and businesses seeking to do work with community associations. In addition to our monthly meetings, we have seminars such as “How to Run an Honest Organization”; networking opportunities exist before and after the lunch meetings. Though we don’t have any conventions or tradeshows, The Broward Coalition is politically involved but non-partisan; we invite all candidates to speak and participate in forums we produce during election cycles.

Currently, we publish a monthly newsletter except for the months of July and August and keep our members informed on important issues through email communication. For those who desire more information on the Broward Coalition, you may contact Charlotte Greenbarg at dellophobe@bellsouth.net or Mary Macfie at 954-336-3335. In addition, you can visit our new website at www.browardcoalition.org.

Building Association Managers

The mission of Building Association Managers (BAM) is to provide a professional association for licensed community association managers in Volusia County and to make available continuing education for manager’s cam license renewal. BAM was birthed in May 1991 for the purpose of bringing managers together and providing a place where managers could obtain continuing education.

At this time, BAM has 96 members who meet on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Palmetto Club in Daytona Beach. Member dues are $75 for CAMs and $100 for Associates per year. BAM provides its members with the opportunity to network and find solutions to community problems, assistance is given to help property managers improve their ability to manage the many needs of their communities, and information is made available concerning applicable laws to governing community associations in Florida.

BAM provides facilities and speakers for informative programs as well as a venue for managers to take required continuing education courses. In addition, opportunities to network with peers, tradesmen, vendors, and professionals in our business for the purpose of obtaining expertise about troublesome problems and protecting owners from unnecessary financial burdens are made available before and after dinner. Twice a year there is an Associate’s Night which allows the tradesmen, vendors, and professionals to display their products, skills, and services. For more information about BAM, please contact Mort Sprentall at 386-426-1854 or bamcam@bellsouth.net.

Building Managers International

Building Managers International (BMI) is an organization of community association managers dedicated to improving the education and professionalism of licensed community association managers in the State of Florida. Founded in 1965, BMI is proud of the role they played in the state licensing of managers. Each chapter of BMI works with local law enforcement, Shriners burn unit and other non-profit groups to help with food and toy drives for holiday seasons; these chapters also adopt families during the holiday season and provide for them.

With over 400 members, BMI serves all of Florida. Each chapter has monthly education courses and seminars; members are provided with free continuing education courses, networking opportunities, newsletter, job referrals, and good communication on legislative issues. In addition, each chapter schedules golf outings, bowling, cruises, luaus and other social opportunities; networking opportunities are made available at lunches, dinners, and seminars. BMI just celebrated our 40th Anniversary at our national convention in Palm Beach; each chapter of BMI holds periodic Tabletop Shows.

We communicate with our membership through quarterly newsletters, legislative updates, email, and our website. For more information on BMI, please contact Nancy Hill at 941-426-1433 or email her at nh.bmi@verizon.net. You may also visit our website at http://communitylink.palmbeachpost.com/groups/BMI to learn more about BMI.

Community Associations Institute-Gold Coast Chapter

The Gold Coast Chapter of CAI has as its mission to educate and represent residential condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner association, and related professionals and service providers in our coverage area of Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties. Our chapter was created in 1983 and consists of 230 members.

In order to become a member of the Gold Coast Chapter of CAI annual dues are paid. The cost to join our chapter is $85 for volunteer leaders, $95 for community managers, $350 for management companies, and $495 for business partners. Also, members benefit by having access to continuing education courses, networking, ability to pursue designations for property managers, legislative and regulatory representation, and website access. Opportunities for education are numerous through CAI homeowner education classes, Florida condominium and cooperative education, local education and Community Association Day.

In addition to many education opportunities, we have many social and networking opportunities through our annual C.A. Day and Dinner Dance. A golf tournament and occasional “after work” socials are also available. All of these venues allow for networking. We just held our annual C.A. Day on the 16th of September.

Local chapters of CAI offer quarterly newsletters, email and a chapter membership directory. For more information on the Gold Coast Chapter of CAI you may contact Laurie Haarsgaard at 561-350-5890 or email caigoldcoast@aol.com or goldcoastcai@bellsouth.net. Please find out more about our chapter by visiting our website at www.caigoldcoast.org.

Community Associations Institute-North Gulf Coast Chapter

The mission of the North Gulf Coast Chapter of CAI is to foster responsive, competent, harmonious community associations by promoting the value of effective leadership, responsible citizenship, and a strong sense of community. Our chapter started in 1972 and has grown to 144 members.

These members meet once a month in three different locations. On the second Tuesday of each month we hold a 12:00 P.M. lunch meeting at Indian Bayou Community College for those in the Ft. Walton Beach/Destin area; on the third Wednesday of each month we hold a 12:00 P.M. lunch meeting at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City; on the fourth Thursday of each month we have a 12:00 P.M. lunch meeting in Pensacola Beach. In order to attend these meetings you must be a member. In order to join, volunteer leaders pay $85, community managers pay $95, management companies pay $350 and business partners pay $495. All of our lunch meetings allow for networking.

Beyond the social and networking opportunities, our chapter also offers several educational courses. We are offering the Florida Condominium and Cooperative Education courses for free. These courses are Conflict Resolution, Florida Condominium Association Operations, Florida Cooperative Association Operations, Financial Management of Florida Condominium Associations, and Regulation of Residential Condominium and Cooperative Associations in Florida. We also offer 20 hours of continuing education units for CAMs; in addition, we have a pre-licensing class twice a year.

We communicate with our members through quarterly newsletters and email updates. If you have further questions about the North Gulf Coast Chapter of CAI, please contact Mary Ann Raymond, CED, at mraymond@cybertron.com or phone 850-243-4836. You may also visit us on the web at www.mycai.org for a more in depth look at our chapter.

Community Associations Institute-South Gulf Coast Chapter

As one of the 56 chapters of CAI, the mission of the South Gulf Coast Chapter can be summed up best by CAI’s national slogan “America’s Advocate for Responsible Communities”. We are the only national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations. Our mission is to help community associations promote harmony, effective leadership, and responsible citizenship.

With over 300 members, the South Gulf Coast Chapter of CAI was initiated in December 1980. The chapter serves Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties. Membership to the chapter is divided into four categories and prices are set at the national level. Volunteer leaders pay $85, Community Managers pay $95, Management Companies pay $350 and Business Partners pay $495. As a member of the chapter, the benefits you receiver are numerous. You are given the opportunity to network, learn and become leaders at the local level. Through the chapter’s newsletters and magazines, membership directory, website and regular educational programs members are kept up-to-date on the latest news, laws, and information affecting their community association or business.

In regards to education, the chapter provides over thirty-eight hours of continuing education to CAMs for their licensing requirements. Day to day information is provided to homeowners via telephone, written or oral presentation. Social opportunities include an annual meeting and awards night the first Saturday in December and an annual golf tournament on the first Friday in May. In addition, we have a great opportunity for networking at a reception which is held after our annual conference and Trade Expo. Our next conference and trade expo will take place on Thursday, February 9th, 2006. Though we are not political in general, we do have the Florida Legislative Alliance which has as its primary activity watching what the state legislature is doing with regards to association law.

Our chapter communicates with its members by distributing a quarterly thirty-two page magazine; we provide legislative updates via broadcast emails to members. You can contact the chapter executive director, Robert Podvin at 239-466-5757 or caisgcc@comcast.net. Also, visit our website at www.southgulfcoastchaptercai.com for more detailed information on our specific chapter.

Community Associations Institute-Southeast Florida Chapter

The mission of the Southeast Chapter of CAI, which serves Broward and Dade counties, is to provide the leadership for successful development and operation of community associations through education and information research. With 240 members, we alternate meeting monthly in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Members benefit by having access to continuing education, free homeowners classes, networking with vendors who do business in community associations, and access to CAI’s national bookstore with many great resources. We provide continuing education units for CAMs; we also offer the Florida Condominium and Cooperative Education courses for free. The cost for members is divided into four categories. Volunteer leaders pay $85, community managers pay $95, management companies pay $350 and business partners pay $495. In addition to education, we have an annual tradeshow which allows for networking between many of our business partners and community leaders. Also, we have an annual golf tournament which is a great venue for networking.

We keep in contact with our members by publishing a quarterly newsletter; we also send out newsletters as needed. For further information about our Southeast Florida chapter, you may contact Abbie Chapnick, chapter executive director by email at ced@cai-seflorida.org or visit our website at www.cai-seflorida.org.

Community Associations Institute-Suncoast Chapter

As our website states, the Suncoast Chapter of CAI serves the educational, business, and networking needs of community associations in the Tampa Bay area. Our chapter has almost been in existence for thirty years and we were founded in 1978. We serve the area from Sarasota to Gainesville but our main focus is in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

Membership is divided into four categories. Volunteer leaders pay $85, community managers pay $95, management companies pay $350 and business partners pay $495. Our chapter has 660 members who benefit from our continuing education courses and networking. Vendor members benefit by being able to build their business through networking contacts. We provide a monthly educational breakfast program in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. Other education opportunities include legal panels and our two trade shows. The main trade show is in March and we have a mini-trade show in July. In addition to the many social and networking opportunities provided at our trade shows and educational meetings, we host an annual golf tournament and holiday social.

Members are kept informed through a monthly newsletter. For more information on the Suncoast Chapter of CAI, please contact Laura Hagan at 727-345-0165 or by email lhagan@suncoastcai.com. You can also visit us on the web at www.suncoastcai.com.

Community Association Management Professionals

Community Association Management Professionals (CAMP) has as its mission to provide education, professionalism, and networking opportunities to our members through effective and responsible leadership. CAMP was founded ten years ago and has grown to approximately 100 members. CAMP serves Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Members pay $100 per year or $30 per month which includes a monthly dinner followed by a two hour continuing education course.

We hold monthly meetings usually on the third Wednesday of each month. Our meetings include networking from 5:30–6:30 P.M.; dinner and door prizes at 6:30 P.M. and after dinner an interesting and informative education course for managers. The education courses cover many categories like human resources, legal, financial, insurance, physical property, and other electives. In addition to education opportunities, we hold two trade shows per year. The first trade show is in January and the second is in June. Also, social opportunities are made available during our annual Holiday Party and an occasional visit to Dave & Buster’s. Other benefits for members include a copy of our newsletter, “The Professionals”, which provides information on local and state issues, news and information on upcoming social and networking activities; a wall plaque, a subscription to Florida Community Association Journal; and reduced rates on meetings and social events.

Communication with CAMP members is carried out through our newsletter and emails. You may contact Laura Silverman, Event Coordinator by email at CAMP@att.net. She can also be reached by fax 954-726-3492 or mail 7154 North University Drive, #299, Tamarac, FL 33321.

Community Associations Managers of Marco Island

Community Associations Managers of Marco Island (CAMMI) came into existence about 10 years ago and has seen its current membership grow to 114. Serving the Marco Island and Naples areas, our mission is to provide education and networking groups for all trades and managers.

CAMMI members meet six or seven times a year with the main benefits being the opportunity to fulfill the requirements for manager continuing education and networking with trade groups. In addition to our quarterly gatherings and seasonal events, we host a trade show once a year, which provides a great opportunity for networking. Membership is $150 per year for associates and $200 per year for managers.

We keep in contact with our members through newsletters and emails. For more information on CAMMI, contact Scott Mello at 239-394-4151.

Condominium Owners, Managers and Associates Networking Club

Condominium Owners, Managers and Associates (COMA) Networking Club has as its mission to promote social, educational, and informational networking programs. Our membership totals 540 with COMA Ft. Myers having 268 members and COMA Naples having 272 members. The Naples chapter celebrated its 9th year of existence in March 2005 and the Ft Myers chapter celebrated its 10th year in the same month.

Both chapters meet once a month, except in June, July and August. Continuing Education classes are held prior to the monthly dinner meeting as is a cocktail hour which allows for networking between community owners, managers, and affiliated professionals. Further benefits of membership are the inclusion of chapter dues, free continuing education programs and seminars, subscription to the quarterly newsletter, and access to the COMA employment referral service. Members also have the opportunity to obtain the professional designation of Certified Florida Professional Manager (CFPM) which signals a commitment and interest in providing a high level of quality community association management.

Membership is $75. In addition to all the great opportunities for education and networking we host throughout the year, we also have a great get together during the summer months and take a cruise. We keep our members up to date through a quarterly newsletter which can be downloaded from our website at http://naplescomanetwork.com. For more information concerning COMA please contact Bill Carter at 239-482-6630.

Executive Managers Association

The purpose of Executive Managers Association is to bring together an organization of licensed Florida Professional Property Managers to encourage and to assist them in improving their knowledge, technical skills, income, and status, and to promote good will in their communities. Our motto is “Share Your Knowledge”. The organization was founded approximately 15 years ago and was started by a group of managers interested in sharing the knowledge they had and learning more from others in their field.

With 80 members, Executive Managers Association services members from North Broward County to North Palm Beach County. The Association meets monthly, eight times per year, excluding December, June, July, and August. It costs $50 to join and $50 for yearly dues. Members are benefited by opportunities to attend seminars, network, and pursue continuing education. In regards to education, we have eight, two hour seminars per year which are conducted at our monthly dinner meetings, including the yearly Legislative Update.

Besides monthly dinner meetings, our Social Chairman helps provide us with various social opportunities, including, but not limited to, weekend cruises, nights at the races, and our yearly Holiday Party. Networking takes place at our monthly meetings as well as throughout the year via our membership directory.

We communicate with our members through monthly newsletters. For more information on Executive Managers Association, please contact Michael Rich, president, at 561-750-7775, by facsimile at 561-750-5018 or by email at sanremo2@bellsouth.net.

Florida Keys Condominium Managers and Associates

The Florida Keys Condominium Managers and Associates has as its purpose to help condominium managers become better managers through working together and sharing experiences and providing an outlet for discussion and problem solving. Our organization was active for 10 years and around 2002 it went inactive for a year. After this year, a group of new condo managers and some associates reactivated the organization.

Currently, we have 15–20 active members who pay $50 a year to be members. Most of our members are from the Upper Florida Keys though we do have some periodic involvement from some Marathon managers. As of now we are holding biweekly lunch meetings, but during the busy part of the season, we meet once a month. Members benefit from each of the monthly meetings where we have a speaker come to talk to us concerning a topic of interest. Also, by joining our group members receive access to pertinent information which is made available in a timely fashion through email.

Before many of our meetings, we set apart 30 minutes for social interaction. There are also times where we decided not to have a guest speaker at our monthly meeting and devote the entire session to social interaction. Besides social interaction at the meetings, this also allows time for us to network. We also attend other condominium management groups like in Marathon where we have a chance to network and discuss issues. Please contact Kris Gustinger at 305-852-0103 or email her at fkcma@bellsouth.net with any further questions you have concerning Florida Keys Condominium Managers and Associates.

Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations, Inc.

The purpose of the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations, Inc. shall be to promote the general welfare of the Kendall Community by identifying and addressing quality of life issues and matters of concern through a Federation of Homeowner Associations.  The Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations, Inc., (KFHA) is a non-profit organization with membership open to homeowner and condominium associations as well as individuals living in the Kendall service areas (East and West Kendall).  For more information, please contact Lawrence Percival, vice president, at (305) 386-2477 or visit the website www.kfha.org.  

Northeast Dade Coalition

Our mission, as the Northeast Dade Coalition (NEDC), is to improve the quality of community association life by providing educational, advocacy, community organization, and group purchasing services to our members. The NEDC serves as a support organization for association presidents, directors, unit owners and mangers; it provides a forum for the discussion and resolution of common problems.

Serving North Dade, South and Central Broward, our membership is divided into three membership categories. We have 100 Associations (condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners associations), 50 individual members and 55 Business Friends. Dues for associations are $.45 a unit, with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $200; dues for individual members are $25; dues for Business Friends range from $300 to $2,500, depending on the category selected.

Formed in 1987, the Northeast Dade Coalition has traditionally held approximately eight meetings annually, which include education forums, social hours, and the annual trade show. It has also held periodic educational forums and special classes for individual associations. Benefits for associations and individual members are education and training on issues critical to association operations, receipt of a preferred vendor directory which lists recommended businesses, negotiation of group discounts, referrals to reliable businesses and services, and more. Business members benefit by having access to their target market, provided with an opportunity to teach association boards and residents about needed services and products, discounted participation in the annual trade show, and preferential listing in the Preferred Vendor Directory.

The NEDC holds periodic social hours at local restaurants and associations. Additionally, every meeting provides a networking opportunity. In November 2004, the NEDC sponsored its first trade show and we have tentatively planned our next trade show for December 3, 2005.

We are able to keep our members abreast of important news and programs through quarterly newsletters and email updates. For further information, please contact Patricia Rogers-Libert, executive director at 305-933-9775, or by fax 305-935-2170, or by email at nedcfla@bellsouth.net.

Professional Community Manager’s Association

The sole purpose of Professional Community Manager’s Association (PCMA) is dedicated to enhancing our profession through continued education and networking with managers. PCMA was founded in 1994 and has 36 members. Our membership is found in Sarasota and Manatee counties which are the areas we serve. Members pay $175 and each year afterwards they pay $150.

We meet ten times per year on the third Monday of each month. Benefits to membership in PCMA include the availability to spend time discussing problems managers face and solutions to those problems. Other benefits include a wide range of local vendors and contractors, a referral committee for placement, and updates on all new and proposed legislation. PCMA is also a provider of continuing education courses that are required for our members to renew their license. Social and networking opportunities are made available at our Christmas party, New Year’s party, Fourth of July party, as well as by telephone and internet.

PCMA does not have a convention or provide communication in the form of newsletters or email updates. However, you may contact Paul Merritt for further information at 941-349-3000 or fulfandbayclubgm@comcast.net.

South West Florida Resident Owned Communities, INC. (SWFROC)

 SWFROC is a "not for profit" organization of resident owned manufactured/mobile home communities formed for the purpose of providing a forum for community association board members and their community managers to meet and exchange information and ideas to better manage their communities and to provide a unified voice of those communities at various levels of government.

Membership is open to communities located in Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Sarasota and other SW Florida Counties. SWFROC meets on the third Wednesday of every month from September through April. For more information contact Jim Toth at (239) 656-6994 or jamto@embarqmail.com.

Tri County Communities Association

The mission of Tri County Communities Association is to educate members on subject matters significant to their association. Serving Palm Beach county, we currently have 125 members. Membership costs vary. Associations (includes Board Members, Managers & Unit Owners) pay $58; management companies pay $50 (includes general managers); individual general managers pay $35 and individuals pay $20. We also offer, "pay at the door" $10 for those who are interested in the topic for the month. 

Tri County Communities Association was founded by David St. John over 30 years ago. We meet monthly from November to April and provide members with valuable information and assistance through educational meetings and open forums that encourage individual participation. Networking opportunities are available at our monthly meetings. 

We publish our meeting notices through The Condo News, a local paper which is distributed throughout Palm Beach County. For further information, please contact Pam Burns, president, at 561-684-7707. 

Treasure Coast Communities Association

The purpose of Treasure Coast Communities Association (TCCA) is to protect, preserve and enhance owner rights and equities. We are a resource devoted to the well-being of residents in this style of living thru educational seminars. TCCA was established in 1973 and has approximately 100 members. We cover Jupiter to Vero Beach with our main concentration in the Stuart area. 

Membership is $60 per year and for associations this membership pays for residents, board members and managers. The benefit to members in joining TCCA is the availability to attend educational seminars, to network and to troubleshoot community concerns. We meet once a month from October thru April and have well-known, qualified individuals who speak on current issues affecting all homeowner and condo associations. Prior to all of our seminars, we have a half hour for social and networking opportunities. 

Though we do not hold conventions, we do have sponsors who provide refreshments at our meetings in order to set up a table with their product information and speak for 5-10 minutes prior to our seminar. We keep our members informed by sending out brochure and flyers that announce and remind our members of our seminars. If you have further questions about TCCA please contact Cathleen Whalen, president, at 772-546-8100 or email at eaglewood@adelphia.net or Berrie DeHaven, vice president, at 772-288-7313 or email at rideh@webtv.com

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