Interview Questions for Board Members

Sample Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Describe your work experience.
  3. Describe your duties and responsibilities.
  4. What have you learned from your work experience?
  5. Describe the ideal work environment.
  6. Tell me about your last job.
  7. What did you like the least? The most?
  8. Why did you leave or why are you thinking of leaving?
  9. Explain your experience and education that you see is relevant to this position?
  10. Describe a time when you had to work to complete a deadline. Did you meet it?
  11. What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
  12. How do you go about taking on a new assignment?
  13. What will you do on your first day if hired for this position?
  14. What are your strengths?
  15. What are your weaknesses?
  16. What skills and qualities do you bring to the position?
  17. What makes you excited about coming to work?
  18. Describe your understanding of equipment and common area maintenance.
  19. Tell me about your computer skills and what type of software you are experienced with.
  20. What do you do in your spare time?
  21. What organizations do you belong to? How active are you?

Specific for Managers:
  1. Describe your level of understanding of how to read a financial statement. What is on the Balance Sheet? Income Statement?
  2. Describe your role in the Budget Process.
  3. Describe what attributes make a great manager?
  4. Describe how you supervise your staff.
  5. Give an example of teamwork.
  6. How do you handle emergencies?
  7. What preventative maintenance programs have you implemented?
  8. How do you manage employee performance?
  9. Give an example, from your past work experiences, about a time when you had an underperforming employee reporting to you. How did you address the situation? Did the employee’s performance improve? If not, what did you do next?
  10. Describe how you have gone about meeting and developing relationships with your new coworkers, board members, residents and vendors.
  11. What type of management style do you prefer (hands-on, frequent supervision, minimal supervision, etc.) and why?
  12. Describe a challenging problem that you had dealt with, how you approached it and the outcome.
  13. Describe when you were faced with multiple interruptions and how you managed your day to accomplish your work.
  14. How do you deal with difficult or demanding co-workers, board members and residents?
  15. When you delegate assignments to others, how do you keep track of their progress?
  16. Describe a situation when you became aware of a resident’s dissatisfaction or complaint and or violation and how you handled it.
  17. How do you handle criticism?
  18. Describe some of the projects you have been involved with and how you handled them
  19. What are your career goals?
  20. Where do see yourself in five years?
  21. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?