Board Candidacy

Checklist for Qualifications for Candidacy

Betsy Barbieux


To assist you in determining your qualifications for candidacy on your board of directors, the following self assessment has been provided. Please answers “Yes” or “No.”




Y/N Is able to make unbiased decisions based on the welfare of the community regardless of personal impact of the decision

Y/N Is willing to raise assessments in order to meet the maintenance and budget needs of the community

Y/N Is able to disagree without becoming angry

Y/N Refrains from the appearance of impropriety when dealing with vendors

Y/N Can vote to foreclose a lien on his/her friends or neighbors




Y/N Has sufficient time to devote to board meetings

Y/N Is willing to chair special projects

Y/N Is willing and able to stay in touch with other board members and management if absent for more than one month

Y/N Is willing to attend social functions in order to maintain the spirit of the community




Y/N Concerned with maintaining or increasing the value of the community

Y/N Is familiar with the governing documents of the community and related statutes

Y/N Understands the fiduciary responsibility mandated by the statutes and the documents

Y/N Knows how to read a budget


If you answered “Yes” to

10+ You could be a good candidate and should consider submitting your name for candidacy

6-9 You could be ready to submit your name for candidacy with some effort in familiarizing yourself with your community’s documents and your statutory fiduciary responsibilities.

1-5 If you work hard to examine your motives, educate yourself, and assess the time requirements, you’ll be ready by next year!