April 2011


Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

—Lou Holtz

Most, if not all, well-run community associations will have three components in place: an educated and informed board of directors, interested and enthusiastic residents, and a caring and dedicated manager. All three working in close harmony result in a community that is transformed from just a place to live into a great place to live.

As we have gotten to know our Florida Communities of Excellence finalists and winners during the first three years of the awards, we have found the three components to be present in almost all. We continue to applaud these communities that are thriving and moving forward, even during the uncertain times we have faced the past few years. And while these communities’ accomplishments have greatly benefited our readers, we felt that there was an opportunity we were missing.

This year we introduced the inaugural Managers of Excellence awards. We recognize that the manager of an association is the vital link to keeping the community running smoothly. He or she must oversee the day-to-day operations and handle all the problems that occur. A good manager is the ambassador for the community—keeping everyone happy—and as such, deserves special recognition.

It is quite natural that the Managers of Excellence are chosen from among Communities of Excellence winners and finalists. After all, we consider these high-achieving communities as benchmarks in the industry. To be considered for the award, the manager must represent a community that was a multi-year AND multi-category winner or finalist.

We are proud to recognize and congratulate the first annual Managers of Excellence winners and the communities they represent. They bring ability and motivation to the job day after day, and their award-winning, can-do attitudes represent the best of what community association management is all about.

You will find the winners on page 12.