September 2011

Mark Benson is one of the most respected people in the industry and circulates one of its most important newsletters. He is a defender of the professionalism that should be our standard.

Mark makes an interesting observation in his August 4 Newsletter. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations is embarking on a push to increase the licensure applicants in nineteen professions, community association management being one. He makes the point that the number of CAMs is growing steadily, but the number of jobs waiting for them is not. He wonders if the push is about helping the industry or merely increasing revenue for the state.

Flooding the market with newly-licensed managers with high expectations of finding a good job might be good in a robust economy where new home and condominium construction is on the rise. I’m not sure about the timing of the push.

As Mark says, “We must get over the dumb-it-down mentality of licensure for the sake of numbers.

Our most important effort must be for education and maintenance of the CAM profession as the foundation for communities that are fluid with changing populations and markets.”

We agree wholeheartedly!

If you haven’t subscribed to Mark’s newsletter, go to It’s worth the time!

Changing gears—we feel that one of the most important services we provide is to keep our readers up-to-date on Florida law as it affects community associations. As the years and legislative sessions have passed, the statutes governing community associations have been revised many times. It is getting to the point that what lies ahead is as important (and interesting)as what lies behind.

With that in mind, we welcome a new columnist to the magazine. Donna DiMaggio Berger is managing partner of Katzman, Garfinkel & Berger Attorneys at Law. She is also executive director of The Community Advocacy Network (CAN). In both roles, she is in a unique position to look forward at legal developments and trends that might impact the industry in the future. Her column, while occasionally commenting on current issues, will offer her insight into what might be brewing in Tallahassee for Florida’s community associations in the coming months. We know our readers will benefit from her experience and views!