December 2011

Florida has the advantage of having the most sophisticated CAM licensing process in the country. With the number of condominium communities, HOAs, Co-ops, and Mobile Home Parks in the state, that is a good thing. When the billions of dollars in community associations’ budgets are considered, it is a very good thing.

But, as most experienced professionals in the industry agree, the classroom training required by  the licensing program leaves a lot to be desired. The required eighteen hours of prelicensing classes barely scratch the surface of the knowledge managers need to be effective at their jobs. As some providers put it, the process is to help prospective managers pass the test, not learn to manage.

Continuing education does fill some of the gaps, but in a random way and without a system to ensure that material is learned. The true “school” for the industry is the workplace. The communities themselves are where managers learn to be community managers.

There is one problem, especially if one is a new manager. Most communities do not want inexperienced managers learning the job while on the job in their communities! Most are looking for experience, not just a license. Even managers with two to three years of experience sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage.

Those are the issues and needs addressed by a new organization called FCAP—Florida Community Association Professionals. In the near future, the organization will offer a new membership designation—CFCAM, Certified Florida Community Association Manager. As part of the requirements, the designation will offer an advanced course of study designed to equip the manager to actually manage.

The CFCAM designation is the sister to the already active CASP (Community Association Service Provider)—designated membership. The course material  will contain forty hours of concentrated material in over twenty areas of concern for community management. There will be unique features of the program including a review panel to certify managers who complete the training.

FLCAJ is a proud sponsor and was instrumental in the development and implementation of this exciting new program. You can find out more about both of these important designations by visiting,

The staff of FLCAJ and I want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year!