February 2012

Journal Notes

I was probably one of the last holdouts in the war against technology, but now I find myself gladly in the enemy camp. Yes it’s true; I am addicted to my iPhone! How in the world did I ever make it through the day without this modern marvel? I can check e-mail, the weather, and Facebook on it. I can do Google searches and take pictures. I have Apps that help calculate calories, tell me how to pick the best produce, give me the local news, and much more. I have hundreds of books on the Kindle App. And yes I can even use it to make calls and text.

The amazing technological advancements in the past few decades have changed the way we all live and work. So it is no surprise that they have made such a big impact in the way many associations are managed. From hurricane preparedness to having access to documents and bylaws, communities are turning more and more to their websites and e-mail blasts to aid in their day-to-day operations.

This month we have featured the winners and finalist in the 2011 Community of Excellence’s Best Website Category. These communities have used their websites in innovative ways to improve communications between management, board members, and residents. They can also serve to ease the work load of the managerial staff. I’m sure what they have put in place could inspire many other associations to improve and enhance their websites as well.

Don’t forget the 2012 Communities of Excellence Conference and Awards Ceremony to be held Friday, March 30, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Conference Center in Hollywood, Florida. This is a free event and includes a luncheon, educational sessions, and a gala reception and awards ceremony. It’s not too late to make your reservations to attend. It is always a pleasure to be a part of this conference because, not only do I get to enjoy the event itself (and the location’s many attractions), but it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet residents, board members, and managers of many great communities. I have the opportunity to hear firsthand what new innovations you have put in place. For more information, please visit www.communitiesofexcellence.net. If you do make it to the conference, come say hello—I’ll be the one using my smart phone!